Raccoon Removal

How Do I Know If I Have A Raccoon Problem

Three main ways to know if you have a raccoon in your attic, yard or fireplace:

  • Trashcans have been tipped over or garbage has been spread around.

  • Large holes, like a size of a paint bucket, are noticed in the attics or eaves.

  • Thumping or rolling noises are coming from the attic, or fireplace. If you hear slight shuffling or pitter patter, you may have a squirrel problem.

Raccoons are actually a common nuisance in Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, and surrounding Dallas, TX areas. We have removed many Raccoons in the DFW area so we are sure we can help you get rid of your raccoon problem.

Raccoons will generally enter your attic after finding a good food source, like your garbage.  But you may also find raccoons in your yard, raccoons in your garden, and if you’re not careful you may even find a raccoon in your fireplace.

Raccoons can cause loud thumping noising throughout the attic. Raccoons will often get in your trashcans, tipping them over, then introducing other animals to your home.

Holes that Raccoons leave can cause water damage and  cause energy bills to increase.

Raccoons frequently chew electrical wires and tear up insulation.  This can cause you much money in damage not to mention it could cause a fire in your home.   It is IMPORTANT to get rid of a Raccoon in your attic as soon as possible.

Why Raccoons Are A Problem?

Raccoon are very common in the Dallas Area due to their adaptation to human made structures and landscapes.

Raccoons are drawn to areas like the suburbs with places with lots of people due to high access of food. City type areas such as Garland, Plano, Rowlett, Rockwall, Richardson, etc. With all the trashcans and food waste from area restaurants, these areas are like giant buffet for raccoons. If you didn’t know, raccoons are scavengers and they love trash.

Raccoons look cute but can be very aggressive when approached.

Raccoons love living in attics and can cause scratching noises.

Raccoons can cause damage to homes leaving holes for entry points into the attic.

Raccoons can often carry rabies or distemper so be very cautious when in sight of a raccoon.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Raccoons?

Waiting for the raccoon to leave isn’t the solution to the problem. They’ll stay in the attic until someone makes them leave. This is where Wildlife Express comes in.

We barricade the existing holes and leave one open for the one-way door. Eventually the raccoon will have to get food and won’t be able to enter the attic again.

Let the professionals take care of the raccoon in your attic.

We Can Remove Your Raccoon Quickly!

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Quick Facts

  • Highly intelligent and curious creatures

  • Nocturnal 

  • Communicate through 200 various sounds.

  • Omnivores

  • Offspring called kits

  • Sociable creatures

  • Can run up to 15 miles an hour

  • Have 5 toes on their front paws much like a humans

  • Known carrier of rabies

  • Strong swimmers

Learn More About Raccoons

Raccoons have some of the most dexterous hands in nature, as anyone who’s had a garden, cooler, or garbage can broken into by one of them knows. Native Americans were the first to note their unusual paws. The English word raccoon comes from the Powhatan word aroughcun, which means “animal that scratches with its hands.” The Aztecs went in a similar direction when naming the raccoon. They named it mapachitli or “one who takes everything in its hands.” Today mapache means “raccoon” in Spanish.


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